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As a Carama member you will enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Easily book your car service online with over 500 trusted workshops
  • FREE RM40 voucher for your next car service
  • 3 months/5,000km service warranty on every service
  • Fair price assurance - not a ringgit above your consent
  • FREE lifetime membership with Carama


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Quality Car Servicing that You Can Trust

Your car deserves the very best. That's why Castrol - the world leading producer of premium lubricating oils - is proud to bring to you Carama, the first online platform for high-quality car servicing that you can trust.

Search from over 500 trusted workshops in Malaysia
With over 500 certified and listed workshops in the Carama database, you can easily find a trustworthy workshop near you. You can even additionally narrow down your search to find trustworthy workshops that specialise in your specific car model or service you require.

Carama Certified Shops are designed to help you find a repair shop you can trust. They are assessed by leading workshop experts and are certified based on a rigorous 40-point annual screening process that ensure their services meet the highest standards of:

  • Transparency in repair and pricing
  • Skilled mechanics and superior equipment
  • Safety for you and your car

Carama Listed shops provide you with detailed workshop information and honest, unbiased reviews/ratings from fellow car owners to help you make the best decision for your car care.

3-Month/5,000km Warranty
It's not just lip service. We stand by the quality of our workshops by giving you a 3 Month/5,000km Warranty on every car service at certified workshops booked through Carama.

Under this warranty, we ensure all certified and listed workshops within Carama's network use:

  • Original parts made or marketed under your car maker's brand
  • OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) made by the manufacturer that supplies to the original car maker
  • Compatible/performance parts made by other manufa cturers

Fair Price Assurance
Tired of getting cheated by mechanics that overcharge for what you never needed or agreed to? With Carama's Fair Price Assurance policy, you'll receive high-quality car services at reasonable prices.

All Carama workshops will discuss with you beforehand what work is required and provide you with a fair price estimate. They will honour their initial estimate and gain your consent before any additional work is carried out - so you will never be charged a ringgit above your consent.

You also have the assurance of double checking the price estimate with our service price calculator that provides you with service and repair estimates for a range of car models including Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota and many more.

Save time and enjoy added savings and benefits with Carama's online car service booking

Your car deserves the very best. That's why Castrol - the world leading producer of premium lubricating oils - is proud to bring to you Carama, the first online service for total car care.

With Carama's convenient online car service booking, you'll quickly and easily find a trustworthy workshop near you. Simply navigate through Carama's directory consisting of over 500 workshops throughout Malaysia and make a hassle-free car service booking instantaneously online.
You can even filter your search to find a trustworthy workshop near you that specialises in your car model or service you require.

Improve your car performance and safety for peace of mind

Regularly maintaining your vehicle is the most important thing you can do to ensure safety and economical performance of your car. The question is which workshop can you trust?

The fact is if your car gets a low quality service, your car safety and performance will be compromised - and this could lead to thousands of dollars in extra cost of repairs, not to mention the hazards of an accident or car breakdown.

Additionally, you also fear that untrustworthy mechanics could take the opportunity to overcharge you for things you don't need.

Carama eliminates all your worries. Here are 5 ways you'll love booking your car service online through Carama.

  1. You can trust our Carama certified workshops that passes our rigorous 40-point annual screening process to ensure high standards.
  2. Each Certified workshop has an overall Carama Quality Score and real, unbiased reviews and ratings from other customers for full transparency of their quality.
  3. You'll save time through Carama's convenient online booking that lets you search over 500 workshops to find the best one near you.
  4. Backed with our fair price assurance and 3-month/5,000km warranty, you'll have the peace of mind that you get the best car service at the best price.
"My car was making a weird sound and I looked up the nearest Carama workshop immediately. Highly recommended for on the go car troubles."
"Sending my car to the mechanic typically takes half a day. Carama makes it super convenient as the mechanics would drop me off at work. Awesome!"
Yee Q
"I am satisfied with the overall service at the Carama panel workshop, especially the clean and safe workshop environment and the efficient car service."
Kelly Chin
"I'm so glad a friend told me about Carama! I always have reservations about the job completed; now I can feel more secure with the 3 months warranty program!"