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About Carama
What is Carama?
Carama by Castrol is Malaysia's first online service for trusted car care with an exhaustive network of certified and listed car workshops in Klang Valley. We are committed to helping car owners find a trustworthy workshop and simplifying car maintenance.

Carama provides car owners confidence that they have made the right decision in their choice of workshop removing uncertainty regarding maintenance costs, price and quality of repair for their cars. Our certified shops undergo a rigorous accreditation process and provide you with the assurance and transparency in the quality of workmanship, skills and equipment.
Carama also provides a platform to car owners can to help them share their workshop experience with family, friends and fellow car owners.
What benefits will I get from Carama if I sign up?
For one, you won't ever have to worry about missing another car service! We'll send you timely car service reminders as well as tips about maintaining your car. Additionally, you are also provided a 3 months/5,000 km warranty on labour and spare parts from the date of your service invoice. We'll also make sure you are the first to know about our special offers!
How does the 3 months/5,000 km warranty work?
All Carama workshops honor a 3 month or 5,000 KM warranty (whichever comes first) on labor and spare parts from the date of your service invoice.
Terms & Conditions
  • New parts purchased and installed at Carama workshops shall be free from any defects in material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.
  • Carama workshops will repair or replace any part covered by this warranty that is defective in material or workmanship under normal use. No extra charge will be incurred by the customer under the warranty period.
  • The guarantee is only applicable if the repair has been booked through www.carama.com . Here are the lists of parts covered by warranty.
    • Engine Mounting
    • Gearbox Mounting/ Rear differential Mounting
    • Drive shafts
    • CV joint
    • Shock Absorbers
    • Absorbers Mounting
    • Absorbers spring
    • Power steering pump
    • Timing belt kit (Belt and bearing)
    • Wheel bearing
    • Starter motor
    • Alternator
    • Lower control arm
    • Radiator and Fan
    • Air-cond system (Air-cond fan, cooling coil, condenser, compressor, filter)
    • Ignition Coil
    • Fuel Pump
    • Brake booster
    • Brake Master cylinder
    • Clutch pump
  • Carama reserves the right to make changes in the warranty policy at any point in time at our discretion.
  • Warranty on parts is solely for road usage only. Damage caused by racing and competitive driving are not covered.
  • Damage as a result of road hazards, accidents, collision and natural disasters are not covered.
  • Unauthorized modification on parts post-installation is not covered.
  • Consumable parts, unless they are defective in material or workmanship. Examples, Spark plug, filters, brake pads.
Is Carama a workshop?
We get asked this one a lot! No, Carama is not a car workshop.
Will I have to pay to use Carama?
No, Carama is a free service.
Do I have to register to use Carama?
No, you don't need to register to use the site, but if you do, you will benefit from a number of useful features.
Workshops on Carama
How, exactly, are workshops certified on Carama?
Our panel of workshop experts has done the ground work to ensure you have the best possible experience at any of the certified workshops on Carama. With the vision of every car owner feeling confident and assured of a job well done, Carama has set out to certify the workshops based on the following:
How much does it cost to replace a spark plug? Do I really need new disc brakes? Is this oil change really necessary? Here at Carama, we ensure that workshops communicate clearly the reasons as to why a repair should be carried out or a part be replaced. Feel free to make known your doubts or voice out any questions you may have because among the aspects we evaluate when it comes to certifying a workshop are:
  1. Publishing of standard labour rates
  2. Clear communication in both repair explanation and price of parts
  3. Detailed invoices for car owners
Skilled mechanics and superior equipment are essential in making the right repair diagnoses. In order to ensure you receive accurate consultation and the appropriate fix, our workshop experts observe the mechanic's experience and training as well as their use of tools and diagnostic equipment. Among the aspects we evaluate are:
  1. Number of hoist and work bays available
  2. Continuous support and training in respect to resources and skills
  3. Valid licenses and business practices
Do car owners have a clean and hygienic waiting areato occupy while having to wait for their car repairs and services to be completed? Is education about the select repair and service provided by the technician? These are amongst some of the criteria certified workshops must meet in terms of customer service and facilities. Workshops are evaluated on:
  1. Cleanliness of vehicle upon service/repair
  2. Availability of dedicated waiting room
  3. Customer service
While environment and safety may not be the first thing to cross our minds when approaching a workshop, our workshop experts will tell you otherwise. We strive to provide you a peace of mind by ensuring that all certified Carama workshops mitigate the risks in a workshop environment. Among the aspects we evaluate are:
  1. Floor is clear of oil spills and chemical residues
  2. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are easily accessible and in good condition
  3. Your car keys are stored securely
  • Transparency in parts, pricing and services
  • Technical ability & equipment
  • Customer service & facilities
  • Environment & safety
What is the difference between a Certified and Listed workshop?
Carama Certified Shops are certified by Carama as a result of having met a demanding set of criteria developed by Carama and industry specialists. These workshops have passed assessments in terms of transparency in parts, pricing and service, technical abilities and equipment, customer service and facilities and environment and safety. An unbiased overall quality score provided by our panel of experts is visible on the profiles of all Carama certified workshops.

Carama Certified Shops are also reassessed annually to ensure that they consistently provide quality workshop experience. Make a booking with any of Carama's certified workshops and you can be assured that these workshops possess the right operating licenses, insurance and documents.

Carama listed shops are workshops on Carama that display detailed workshop information and allow for reviews/ratings from fellow car owners.
Booking Questions
How do I make a booking?
It's simple. Just select the workshop at which you would like to have your car serviced, click on 'Book Now' and fill in the necessary information. Present the generated voucher to the workshop on the day of your service and then contribute to Malaysia's community of car owners by writing a review!
Can I change my booking date after generating a voucher?
Yes you can. The voucher is valid for 2 weeks from your date of service. All you have to do is contact the workshop prior to the day of your booking to inform them of appointment changes. Alternately, you may contact the Carama Helpline for further assistance.
Do I have to show the voucher to the workshop?
No, but you have to quote your voucher number to the workshop. If you are, however, requested to present the voucher, you may choose to show it on your mobile or as a print out.
What if the workshop does not accept my booking?
Please contact the Carama helpline at +6012 227 7884.
Carama Dollars
What are Carama Dollars?
  1. Carama Dollar is equivalent to RM
  2. Carama Dollars are redeemable for car services and repairs through bookings made on Carama.com (excluding sports rims, tyres and batteries).
How do I earn Carama Dollars?
  1. Invite your friends on Carama and earn 10 Carama Dollars for their first bookings.
How do I claim my warranty?
All you have to do is return to the workshop and present the proof of purchase date, installation date, and vehicle mileage during the time of installation. Should you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our Helpline.
...but, I don't see Carama workshops in my area!
Carama is currently available in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Kedah and Pahang. We are rapidly expanding throughout the rest of Malaysia but if you are a car workshop owner or know one who is equipped with skilled mechanics, great service and ambition to grow, feel free to Refer a Workshopto us!
I just signed up but I can't find my password!
Please click on "forgot my password" under Log in.
You will then receive an email with your temporary password. Reset your password accordingly. Should you have encounter password or sign in problems, please reach us via our helpline at +6012 227 7884.
I can't upload my service document!
While it is not compulsory to upload your service document, we highly encourage you to as this will keep your service logbook updated neatly in one place. If you have trouble uploading your service document due to size of file/ format etc, please contact our helpline at +6012 227 7884 or write to us at carama@castrol.com.