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Carama Certified Shops


Finding a mechanic you can trust is extremely tough. With over 6000 repair shops in Malaysia, we help you select the best for your car.

We have selected only those workshops that are committed to high standards of quality, transparency and customer service.

 40-point Rigorous Screening Process

Based on a demanding and exhaustive set of criteria developed by Carama alongside independent automotive experts, workshops are assessed on transparency in parts, pricing and service, technical abilities and equipment, customer service and facilities, environment and safety.

Carama Certified Shops are reassessed annually to ensure they always provide a quality workshop experience.

On the workshop profile pages, Carama provides an unbiased assessment of overall quality score from our panel of experts, and an expert summary of the workshop.

Why should you choose a Certified Shop

Our panel of workshop experts have done the ground work to absolutely ensure you have the best possible experience at a workshop. With the vision of every car owner feeling confident and assured at a great job done, Carama has set out to certify the workshops based on the following:

 Transparency in parts, pricing and services.

Really understanding why we should do a repair, change a part, or shell out our hard-earned cash is no doubt something car owners want to get a grip on. Here, we ensure that workshops communicate clearly and walk customers through the process of the "whats", "whys", and "how much" questions. Among the aspects we evaluate are:
  1. Standard labor rates are published
  2. Communication is clear in both repair explanation and price of parts
  3. Invoices are detailed for car owners

 Technical ability & equipment

Skilled mechanics and superior equipment are essential in diagnosing the right repairs. Why should we trust their diagnosis? Mechanics are the doctors to our cars, and here, our workshop experts observe the mechanics' experience and training as well as the use of tools and diagnostic equipment. Among the aspects we evaluate are:
  1. Number of hoist and work bays available
  2. Continuous support and training in respect to resources and skills
  3. Valid licenses and business practices

 Customer service & facilities

Going beyond simply by explaining to the customers and ensuring that they are comfortable while waiting for their car to be serviced is not a 'good to have', but rather a 'must have' in our books. Beyond the nice waiting room with wifi and air condition, we evaluate genuine customer service such as patiently explaining the repair and checking up on the car health post-service. Among the aspects we evaluate are:
  1. The cleanliness of the vehicle upon service/repair
  2. Dedicated and comfortable waiting room
  3. Customer service

 Environment & safety

While environment and safety might not be the first thing we think about when approaching a workshop, our workshop experts will tell you otherwise. By making sure that all Carama Certified Shops mitigate the risks in a workshop environment, we provide you with the peace of mind. Among the aspects we evaluate are:
  1. Floor is clear of oil spills and chemical residues
  2. First aid kits and fire extinguishers are easily accessible and in good condition
  3. Your car keys are stored securely

How are the Certified Shops scored?

Overall Scores are based on the 40 point screening process, taking an accumulative score of the various sections.

The weightage given to each section are:

  •  Transparency
  •  Technical ability & equipment
  •  Customer service & facilities
  •  Environment & safety

Carama Certified Shops are reassessed annually to ensure they always provide a quality workshop experience.